My happy place is behind the camera... where is yours?

Hi I am Caro, owner and photographer at Photos by Caro. I am happiest when I am behind my camera whether that is in my studio, the local park or beach or pretty much anywhere in the world.

I have loved photos as long as I can remember and have spend many hours pouring over books and magazines, studying portraits and other forms of photography. I remember my grandfather asking me what I would like to do with my life in my late 20s. I said a travel photographer! It took another 20 years to turn that into reality when I opened Photos by Caro.

When my two children (now 13 & 9) were babies I remember looking at the 1000's of photos I took, keeping the dozen or so that I thought were any good, even less that I was prepared to put in a frame or send around friends and families. The ones I did get right I would study, working out how I had got it just right! I challenged myself over the following years to study photography part time doing as many online and in person courses as I could.

The fact that I now get to photograph not only my own family, but amazing clients and friends is just such a privilege.

I know, that the portraits I take of parents with their children, grandparents with their grandchildren and the amazing people who come into my studio, will be treasured and looked at for years to come.

When I get to houour the love and beauty that is in all people how can this not be the best job in the world and my happy place!!!

creating portraits for Ayumi

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